The Manchester Model & The Trust Framework Initiative - Nomination

We were invited back to the Digital Catapult to be involved in a successive workshop around integrating health and social care. Over the course of this 3-day workshop the previously discussed Better Together consortium gained new supporters and further definition.

The efforts of the forward thinking team of individuals from Greater Manchester firmly placed Manchester on the map as we collaboratively discussed the need to tackle social poverty and isolation in relation to a broader community healthcare strategy. In the following weeks the preliminary high-level proposal for "Our Community" was presented to leading council officials from across Greater Manchester and recieved both positive feedback and constructive commentary that enabled us to better understand the strain local authorities are under to alleviate pressure on over-subscribed public services.

Since this event took place, "Our Community" has been selected as a “use case” in the Digital Catapult’s Trust Framework Initiative and the development phase of the project is ongoing. Click the below link to watch a short video about the event "Integrated Health & Social Care" and to hear more about the role of the Digital Catapult in helping such initiatives to grow.

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