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A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.

― Albert Einstein

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Service Design Thinking - We are a Manchester-based Service Design consulting firm established in 2014 by Jonathan Häsen. Our primary purpose as a company is to support our clients in identifying and tackling complicated problem-areas which have proven challenging to solve without external perspective. The unique relationship we maintain with our clients means that we operate and build relationships across all areas of their organisation and as such we are in an ideal position to signpost unidentified service failures, areas where service updates and/or development of new services may need to commence. Working throughout an organisation with the independence of being a consultant additionally enables us to recognise where a culture change may be necessary to improve the efficiency of services provided and to increase positive service outcomes.

As we specialise in Concept Development, Experimental Innovation and Applied Design Thinking, our unique approach to consulting provides you with an advocate who understands your core vision and is able to build a rapport with your staff whilst simultaneously enabling them with the tools they require to produce effective management solutions for everyday problems which they face.

Using the time we spend with you and your staff we will be able to identify key problem areas and hinderances to progress that haven't yet been dicovered. Concurrently, through the building of relationships internally we shall also be in an ideal position to extract valuable almost accidental insights from across the organisation that will help develop meaningful new methods and strategies for tackling any present and up and coming challenges.

Customer Experience Management - Service Design is one form of Conceptual Design, as such it lies at the intersection of creativity and business process management allowing the combination of cutting edge innovation with established business process methodologies. Given our unique position we are well placed to provide effective consultations in the area of Customer Experience Management and Human-Centric Design.

Design Orchestration - As independent service management consultants we are often called upon to ensure that each and every staff member within an organisation has a clear and decisive understanding of the company's core values as well as its short and long term strategy and direction.

To assist us in both understanding the nature of the service landscape we often gather representatives from across the varied spectrum of influence in any particular service or problem area. We then spend as much time as it takes outside regular routines and procedures to primarily generate a shared constructive analysis of the current position of the services and previously identified areas of concern. We then use a combination of design-led activities to enable employees to use their shared insight to analyse the root causes of failures and start prototyping a variety of approaches to solving those problems with the ultimate objective being the delivery of practical solutions.

These collaborations are very effective if lead by a Service Design professional as they are able to identify key catalysts to motivation within each cohort of individuals as well as natural lines of authority which may often clash with the company's existing internal management structure. The nature of such workshops are highly dependent on whether they being employed as a means to prevent the onset of service failures or to find new solutions to failures which have already happened. Contact us today to discuss this matter further and we will find the right approach for you.

Workforce Development - It goes without saying that a happy workforce is a productive one, as such we offer workforce development coaching and personnel cohesion/well-being training. By seeing people for who they can become and not for who they are in the present we are actively helping businesses to better understand the key catalysts of productivity within the workforce.

Change Management - Whilst many in our organisations may view the changes brought about by agile management approaches to be difficult to digest, if the last decade has proven anything to us it is that there is no security even for the most established firms if they are incapable of adapting to changing circumstances and environments. Tradition although often invaluable to us in the long term may also act as a paralytic to us in the short-term. Change is a complicated but necessary component in the struggle to avoid certain obsolescence. As the saying goes, "time waits for no man", resistance is futile, self-preparation is essential and it is the responsibility of every business leader to be ready to adapt in order to stay ahead of the tide. We actively work with our clients to ensure that all their internal processes and procedures are futureproof. We also work with our clients to develop a much more agile innovative internal culture thus enabling key members of staff to be well adjusted to change and more than able to anticipate it's advent as opposed to being the last ones to hear about it. With a more flexible forward-thinking workforce you will find it much easier to stay ahead of the competition and gain considerable competitive advantage in your key market(s).

Jonathan Häsen’s unique talent for supportive leadership is an asset to anyone thinking of managing change, developing new business or evaluating service effectiveness on behalf of its users or stakeholders.

― Kieran McMahon, CEO, Disability Stockport Ltd.

Häsen Quality Guarantee

As is the case with any business, we need to sustain a reliable and regular flow of work from our clients. To accomplish this it is imperative that our service standards are of the absolute highest calibre especially when competing in a heavily monopolised corporate environment.

Some may be skeptical of how a smaller organisation such as ourselves can compete against the tide of multinational consulting firms who have descended on the UK market in recent years. On the contrary to being threatened by their presence we welcome the competition knowing full well that we are in a unique and favourable position to offer a better service. Multinational business consulting agencies tend to be rigid and slow to adapt and although they may well possess the prestigious names and glamorous headquarters, their expertise is seldom cutting edge and their services often standardised and lacking in quality and personalisation. Why buy chalk when you can buy Crumbly Lancashire, Cheshire or Wensleydale?

At Häsen we provide a bespoke fully personalised service to your company. We do not use standard service models for our clients but instead dedicate the time and effort into truly understanding the nature of your business and the challenges it faces. We are confident that few of our competitors will be able to compete against us in terms of service quality and professionalism and as such we assert that our offering is unique and clearly differentiated from those of other major consulting groups.

As a company we are driven by our love of sustainable Design Management and unlike many consulting agencies at no stage do we intend to recruit inexperienced amateurs and pawn them off on unsuspecting clients as 'professional consultants'.

We do not charge our clients for unnecessary activities or have any hidden charges. We pride ourselves on the clarity of our offeringm the effectiveness of our delivery and the practicality of our recommendations. Finally, as a guarantee of the quality of our commitment to you we offer all our clients a 100% no quibble satisfaction guarantee.

Functionality and usability alone are not enough. What customers are truly looking for are products and services that build emotional bonds with them. Positive customer experiences are now a valuable differentiator in the quality of an organisation's business services and not only offer the user a pleasurable service experience but also help companies create and express their sense of identity.

― Jonathan Häsen

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Unlike hybrid consultancies that offer their services as add-ons to their existing business offering, at Häsen we focus our efforts entirely on our client's consulting needs. This ensures that we deliver only the highest quality independent specialised consulting services.

The 'buy one get one half price' attitude to management consulting is a failed approach and whilst generating many consulting firms quite healthy revenues in the short term, it rarely delivers anything more than mediocrity to the client. It goes without saying that choosing a more bespoke consultancy service can make or break your business. Choose wisely.

― Jonathan Häsen

Frequently Asked Questions

Service Design Consulting offers clients a variety of benefits, some of these include:

- The tools and experience to increase customer engagement, sales/conversion figures as well as customer satisfaction levels.

- Conversely, the knowledge and expertise to decrease service drop off and cancellation levels etc.

- Added independent perspective from a professional who specialise in delivering the highest service efficiency and leading human-centric management approaches.

- Additional scrutiny in the identification of problem areas that have slipped through the radar of internal auditing processes.

- Clearer insights from an informed professional who has the flexibility to cross departmental and cultural boundaries within the organisation allowing them to identify root causes of service failures and work on any necessary culture change strategy formulation.

- A platform to guide and inform future innovation strategy.

- Offers reassurance to both stakeholder committees and senior board members that the organisation is making every effort to ensure optimum innovation in areas of service performance and efficiency.

The central differences between a Service Design Consultant and a management consultant revolve aroun the approach we take to problem solving. For example we do not cling onto rigid processes taught by any one business doctrine, similarly Service Design does not attempt to replicate identical business models and standards in a one-size-fits-all approach across multiple different landscapes. Our specific experience allows us to recognise that value comes in a variety of currencies and can't be drawn in a linear manner on any financial profit or loss sheet. Undoubtedly all services must be sustainable, however in summary not all services are created equal and only a service design practitioner can truly appreciate that.

Service Designers take a much more agile learning-based approach to working with their clients helping to identify and tackle the challenges they face on a much more individual level. Experience has taught us that just as every individual is unique, so too are the organic entities in which we work. Organisations are comprised of teams of individuals who each either have the knowledge, skills, resources, abilities, mental well-being and motivation to adapt to the demands of their role or who don't and consequently fail causing further widespread failures.

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Not unlike an ant colony, human beings operate in cyclical and well connected of operation that either synchronise and work harmoniously or otherwise collapse. Internal cultures, work ethics, workforce satisfaction and well-being levels, physical resources and training are all factors in the internal development of a harmonious and productive working environment.

As terrible as service failures can be, they are almost always caused by factors that are within our control, it is often only our near proximity to problems that blinds us from seeing them in the first place. Sometimes what differentiates the greatest of leaders from those who choose to fail and give up is how they behave when their backs are up against the wall. To believe that nothing can be done about a problem signifies either that an organisation has unrealistic expectations and thus:

- is harbouring a critical problem with their strategy formulation,


- is being led by decision-makers who have otherwise given up.

Environmental factors, poor resource management, lack of staff training, negative internal cultures, irregular payroll and poor HR practices, negative management strategies, workplace bullying...all of these and more can be the causes of failure within an organisation without even beginning to delve into the more customer-centric elements of service design management.

Service Design utilises empathy, business logic and innovation combined with the freedom to cross internal boundaries of authority within an organisation to identify, tackle and implement meaningful change that will result in improved concrete results and happier, more efficient and effective workplaces.

We understand the challenges that organisations face and recognise that if a service is failing the cause is either due to one of two central factors:

- The service is delivering a poor customer experience which does not meet customer expectations.

- The service is built upon a foundation of poor strategy formulation and management practice and is therefore resulting in unsustainable or poor quality service standards. Ultimately if a service is not sustainable in the long term, then even the best customer experience will fall by the wayside when the service collapses.

On the outset the work of Management Consultants and Service Designers may appear to have similarities especially if like us your service designers dress in formal business attire. Nonetheless there are key differences in how Service Design consultants approach problems and how they formulate solutions based on countless factors which more often than not are completely disregarded by conventional management specialists.

In our experience most of our clients were more than able to prepare balance sheets and annual finance reports. Where help was needed was in understanding the human elements of service management and customer engagement and it is those very factors that can make or break your business services and for which we ultimately have extensive experience in. For further enquiries and to book a free initial consultation please contact us today.

Internal workplace disputes, poor resource allocation, terminal levels of office burnout, lack of appropriate staff training, negative internal cultures, irregular payroll and poor HR practices, negative management strategies, workplace bullying, non-existing or poor customer experience management, insufficient or non-existent communication processes, outdated technology and equipment, unsafe/insufficient working environments...and the list goes on.
Every consultation is as unique as the client with whom we are working. Generally we use a series of tools as described above to assist us with understanding the business service landscape and allowing us to gleam important insights about our clients' business. Such tools include but are not limited to:

- Industry specific guerilla interviewing methods

- Discovery workshops

- On-site observations

- Rapid prototyping

- Focus sessions

Additionally, where necessary we are able to create management reports that will help inform future innovation and change strategy. Samples of such reports are available on request but may not be specific to your industry.

This depends on the scale of the project. Your best choice is to contact us for a free one-to-one consultation on your organisation's needs. Contact
to book a convenient time to discuss your project requirements further.
In the UK we have operated and collaborated in initiatives across both the public and private sectors in everything from IT/tech startups, health/social care, digital contact centres, hospitality/food services...etc. Additionally we have experience working with third sector organisations. We are also big believers in the power of international collaboration and knowledge-sharing, as such are always open to developing new relationships across the EU and around the world.

As Service Design lies at the junction of human interaction it is modular in nature and therefore crosses many conventional boundaries of sectors and industries. Put simply, human interaction and human process design management is very similar whether it is taking place in an international automotive manufacturing company or a freight transport and logistics firm. The interactions that take place between a buyer/supplier, engineer/product owner, service provider/user, R&D team/research partners, sales agent/customer, medical facility/patients or between internal departments/board of directors...etc are all meaningful and carry a significant impact on the effeciency and quality of any business service.

Service Design specialists fall back on an extensive knowledge in areas of psychological, social and behavioural factors known to impact service performance and quality. Evaluations made on behalf of our clients are conducted through a combination of industry specific guerilla interviewing methods, discovery workshops and on-site observations. These tools empower us with the essential insights that we need to be able to start prototyping viable innovative solutions and recommendations with all stakeholders. Only through such processes will the consultant gain an insight into why certain business lines, services or processes are failing to achieve their expected results.

It goes without saying that the customer experience of a service is heavily impactful on customer engagement levels. As customer experience specialists the Service Designer is perfectly positioned to root out causes for poor engagement with service lines/products.

Short answer, yes. Providing that a client is genuinely willing and driven to adapt their services and commercial strategy to be in line with cutting edge trends and customer expectations then we are in an extremely valuable position to lead your services in the right direction as well as provide you with any ongoing follow-ups you require. We do not view the relationship with our clients in a short term capacity, we genuinely care about our work and will not abandon you in your times of need. We aim to support our clients in growing and improving their services...in the words of legendary public speaker and intergalactic leader Buzz Lightyear..."to infinity and beyond". We're not in this business for the short term.

Certainly not. Although we can recognise that a number of international organisations do excel in the field, sadly there exist a multitude of bogus digital marketing and so-called 'design' agencies who are doing little more than riding the wave of popularity that design-led management has gained in recent years. Choosing the right consulting firm is of paramount importance. Samples of our work are readily available on demand.

There isn't presently a universally recognised standards body that represents the Service Design consulting industry, as such it is important to discuss any proposed consultants whom you may be considering to hire about your expectations as a client.

If you're not careful you could find yourself surrounded by what we call 'creative fairies' - caring individuals who despite all their good intentions lack any real grasp of sustainability and 'feesibility' of their recommendations.

Similarly, if one doesn't exercise caution you could accidentally fall victim to one of many a failed management consultant who lacks any actual knowledge of the Service Design field. Such individuals usually take a much more economic view of recommending shutting down services to 'cut costs' rather than providing clear financially feesible roadmaps of service regeneration. This wolf in sheeps clothing can usually be recognised by their complete disregard for any of the human factors that impact service management.

At Hasen Consulting we possess a healthy mix of results-driven business logic in combination with the creativity necessary to empower meaningful business processes whilst maintaining the flexibility to adapt to changing environments and service expectations.

It must be said that despite the common aesthetic association with the term 'design', we do not actually enjoy spending our days drawing pictures in bright colours and using colourful post-stic notes and crayons. The paint of a Service Designer is meaningful system and process change and improvement and not flashy cards and posters. Word of caution, this doesn't mean in any way that we don't like crayons and post-stic notes, we just see their overuse as slightly infantile.

We do run our fair share of workshops and when necessary we utilise an assortment of visual queues however we are not a graphic design agency and prefer to identify problem areas through one to one consultations, focus sessions and on-site observations. Nonetheless, if a client prefers crayons to conversation, we are but thy humble servants and will be more than happy to oblige and will come with lollipops in hand!

We do indeed! We recognise that some of the most innovative developments owe their beginings to the SME market who also face a variety of different challenges from their corporate counterparts.

Additionally we also appreciate that some organisations may find the burden of hiring independent consultants quite daunting and difficult to afford in one foul swoop. As such we decided to adapt our own customer experience to offer a more varied offering to our clients. Unlike many consulting agencies we do offer our clients the option of using a staggered payment plan to help them budget for our services.

We view our clients as business partners and not as an endless stream of revenue to dip into whenever we can. Only through aiding in the successful development our client's business services and internal process will we be able to secure our position in the consulting market in the long term. To enquire about setting a payment plan and to discuss the project at hand please contact enquiries@hasen.org.uk to arrange an appointment.

The correct question you should be asking at this stage is what do you stand to lose from not being in a position to identify a failing business service in time? Recovering from a failure is far more messy than getting it right first time by using agile independent service management professionals. We are confident that after a simple 3 day observation period and summary consultation that you will realise the value of our presence in your firm and will be able to acknowledge the value of our experience to you.

Yes, our consultations are fully covered up to £5m with a comprehensive professional indemnity insurance policy. Details available on request.

We do not operate in aesthetic design, visual marketing or graphic design although we do have partners that we can recommend for this purpose when required. In our view, not all design is created equal and there remains a distinct difference between the logic and structure of business process design and the artistic flare required of visual and aesthetic design.
Contacting us is a simple, simply send us an email to enquiries@hasen.org.uk or call Jonathan Hasen on +44 7438 777 997. It must be stressed that this number is for client enquiries only. If your enquiry relates to anything else please contact us by email.

to the nature of our business as a small consulting firm our offices are not client facing. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet and discuss your requirements. Contact us now to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can support your business going forward.
Jonathan was really engaging, strategically focused but always able to deisgn practical solutions and get sustainable results. Reflective, analytical and energised, his enthusiasm and engagement with stakeholders is boundless.

― Ruby Dixon, Senior Policy Advisor, DCLG

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